beta is live!

creating a people-centric business world


lack of community in remote workplaces

Our mission is to foster a positive and supportive company culture where employees feel included - one team, one moment, and one BOND at a time.


gamifying the team bonding process

Every day, your team gets a BONDing activity with a custom response window. If you respond on time, you can access the results and join in on the day's fun. If not, you are locked out of BONDing for the day.

user testimonials

"I’ve never felt more connected to my team! I genuinely look forward to the BOND questions/results every day!"
- Peter D'Ambrosio

"As an introvert, it can be hard to start conversations and engage with my team, but through BOND I’ve been able to build strong personal connections with my team." - Anastacia Yefimenko

"It lets me get to know people on another level since the conversations are engaging and about topics we might not even think about when getting to know someone." - Camila Doig

beta is live!

take your team to the next level:

BOND is the AI-powered solution to energize & engage your virtual teams – The strength of your team is the strength of your company.